74: Deployment 2014, Part 2: The School In Context

Fraser and Bradley continue their Deployment 2014 Series with a discussion of how the current context of your deployment is about understanding where you are as a school and as a school community.

Drafts for iOS

UK Internet Safety Measures
NRS Social Grade
Futuring: The Exploration of the Future

Check back next week for a discussion on your current infrastructure.

72: 15 Weeks Later

Fraser and Bradley discuss the next 15 weeks of the podcast in which they will be talking about preparing for a fall of 2014 deployment.

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15 Week Outline
Vision and Leadership
Current context (pupil access to existing devices and pupil internet at home )
Infrastructure analysis
Teacher training and development
Device selection
Financing and Roll-Out
Buying Accessories (or not)
Mobile Device Management
App deployment
Pupil safety (electronic and physical)
DR and damage procedures
Choosing a Reseller
What do you do with your existing computer setup?
Parent communication
Deployment day

71: I Want To Be Wrong

Fraser and Bradley look at the recent Macworld article where Jason Snell interviews a handful of Apple executives. They compare the comments about the future to some of Apple’s past comments from Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall.


Mac30 Interview
Digital Hub
Steve Jobs on Early Post-PC
iOS 5 and iCloud Introduction
Cars vs Trucks
Steve Jobs and All Things D Conference Appearances
The Prompt 30
CloudConvert And Uploading Podcasts From iOS